Monday, March 18, 2013

2013 March 17 Ride

Report by David aka "Dawg"

So, it began from the meeting spot from Flying J's off Hwy 5 and Hwy 12 in Lodi. Five of us showed up: The 3 Triumph Riders; Stan with his American, Dave with his Beastly Rocket (both of which I have rode with several times), Pat with his Tiger (Leader of this ride and first time meeting him). Then there was us Harley Riders; Duane on his Heritage (also my first time riding with him) and myself (David - or as my friends call me - Dawg) on my Lowrider.

After the meet and greet, Stands were up by 10:30, and we headed off west, 50 boring miles of "hwy12", to get to our first bit of scenic road; "Suisun Valley Road" - a nice ride for those who love the twisties ( but, one must be cautious of Weekend Cagers that tow things - from Boats to Horses). This road becomes "Wooden Valley Rd" (after the first 7 miles) and this is where the real fun begins. These two roads (which are in reality, the same road) is about 14 miles. Making a nice sharp right uphill turn onto Hwy 121 (that is ruined by a Stop sign - could cause problems for a novice rider - All that rode on this day are well-seasoned in the saddle).

Note: Rockville (Bar & Grill) is a common stopping point for poker runs and such (corner of Suisun Valley Rd and Rockville Rd).

About 5.5 miles up the road, we hang a left on Hwy 128 and the first rest-stop "the CrossRoads" (closed on sunday's). But I would suggest that a better choice (and one of my favorite stops) is going 5 miles more up 128, to "Turtle Rock", also it has "Adult Beverages, Food and Facilities" ... Also, the next right takes you down to Lake Berryessa ...

Anyway, after stretching the legs, we ventured on up Hwy 128 till we came to "Lower Chiles Valley Rd", About 8 miles from the "Crossroads". Making a right (and you have to really be looking for this turn - It could be easily missed), we traveled another 3-4 mile until we made another right on "Chiles Pope Valley Rd". Another 9 miles and then a right on "Pope Valley Rd" to head to our Lunch stop in Middletown, about 20 miles away. Note to Self: Must take "Pope Canyon Road" some day to "Knoxville Road", running along Lake Berryessa Shoreline, then head back up to Turtle Rock. After burgers and beverages, we took the "long way home" Heading up Hwy 29 towards Hwy 20, Hanging a left on Hwy 16 (for a needed "pit Stop"), Then staying on Hwy 16 to eventually get on Interstate 5 and spitting off to go our separate ways in sac-town. A great day for riding ... and another 100+ miles of twisties! Till Next time,
Ride Safe.



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